Oct 29, 2017

2 new modules finally finished

Today I finally got 2 of the 4 Thomas Henry VCO 555 build and tuned. These are some very nice and easy to build VCOs. I build one with a 2k tempco and the other one with one KTY 81-121 and 1k resistor in series after a theory from Rene Schmitz. Both versions work fine.

Seemore on my Signal Generators

 I also finished the Ian Fritz 5 Pulser Wavefrorm Generator

Oct 23, 2017

Little setbacks

The TLV5630 of my MBHP AOUT_NG seems to be bricked ... so no CV Outs with the breakout.
After hours of debugging I decided to rebuild the PCB completelly, now .. waiting for parts ...

To ease my frustration, I patched my new modules ..... one had a tiny bit of a +- connection problem ... electric capacitors blew up .. I soo missed that smell 😊😊😅

Well, still a lot of work ahead, so those little setbacks will not keep me from soldering and/or blowing up thingys

Sep 13, 2017


My first frontpanels where made of polyprophylene, wich is o.k.ish, but in 5U veery woobly.

To finally get my ass up again and build all the stuff I have, I decided to rebuild my Cabinet.
I added real metal-rails and decided to do all my frontpanels anew with Alu-Dibond.

While planing this I had another idea. I found the arrangement of the knobs and jacks mostly to spacey on the 5U ... but 3U is in my eyes too small.

So I decided to crop all standard formats and build some 4Uish stuff, but stay at -+15Volts.

Best decision I made .. regarding formats.