Nov 1, 2012

Midi2CV done

Jet another board lying around undone is finished.
It's from a user named nordcore who did this thingy based on an AMTEL88.

It offers:
  • 4 CV (Tune, Velocity, Mod-wheel and Pitchbend)
  • 4 Gate
  • Start/Stop for Sequencers
  • Clock out and a Clock-divider
It can be used on one Midichannel, 2 Channel (2CV/2Gate) or 4 Channel (CV/Gate)
The CV and Gate can be configured with an CTRLR based userinterface.
The documentation is absolutely fabulous and all can be soldered within a couple of hours with ease.

If you are interested in the paneldesign I did, download it here
Finishing this module is another big breakthrough this week (the VCO is the first) => from now I can PLAY the modular (or Renoise, or Qmidiarp does)

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