Aug 4, 2014

XR2206 finally done .. with some help of Bernd (Serenadi) :D

Finally I managed to finish the XR2206 VCO from Thomas Henry .. Board is from Magic Smoke ...
It looks nice buuuut .. the XR2206 I bought seems not to work like they should .. it produces only noise ...

UPDATE: yesterday I had a chance to visit Bernd Schilling (busybernd / serenadi) .. he managed to fix the VCO ... the XR-2206 IC's where crap ... now it works :D


  1. do you still have the other pcb ? .. you mentioned you have 2 .. i would like to buy it OR .. could you send some high res pictures of the front and backside .. best if its still unpopulated . thank you for your time and effort

  2. Sorry for my late reply, all boards are gone