Feb 25, 2012

Overview of modules 2012

So, after switching to blogger I thoght I post some pics of the modular analog stuff I already have:

Top row => left to right:
  • Yusynth Wavefolder (working)
  • Yusynth Wavefolder (todo)
  • Yusynth Fixed FiIterbank (working)
  • Yusynth Mixout-VC Panner (soldered, untested)
  • Yusynth CV Standard (todo for new cabinet), that will be replaced with 2 Yusynth VCAs (soldered, untested)
Second row => left to right:
  • Curetronic-DIY Multiple 2x5 / 1X10
  • Curetronic-DIY VCF Steiner Parker with Feedback-Pot-Mod and additional crank-switch :) (working)
  • Curetronic-DIY 100m clone of the 121 VCF (working)
  • Curetronic-DIY Dual-Mixer (working)
  • Curetronic ADSR and Curetronic VCA (not delivered yet)

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