Feb 25, 2012

PCB's todo

Here the PCB's that already have been delivered an are on my todo-list 2012

  • 2 x Yusynth ADSR 'new version'
  • a second Yusynth Wavefolder
  • Yusynth CV-Standard
  • Yusynth Diode Ladder VCF
  • Yusynth Quadrature LFO
  • Thomas Henry MPS (Mega Percussion Synth) from electro-music.com
  • 2 x Nordcore MVC (Midi2CV Interface) based on an ATMega88 (sequencer.de project)
  • CGS49 Twin CMOSfilter

PCB's ordered but not jet delivered:
  • 2 x Thomas HenryXR VCO from magsmoke.com
  • Curetronic VCA
  • Curetronic ADSR
  • Curetronic VCO extended version
  • Curetronic Dual Shape LFO
PCB's on my wishlist:
Thomas Henry VC Phase Shifter (if I find a PCB layout)
Thomas Henry VC Noise Source (if I find a PCB layout)
CGS01 Suboscillator
CGS04 D.C. Mixer
CGS65 Tube VCA
CGS114 Serge DSUG or CGS74 VCS (or both)
Klee Sequencer from electro-music.com
Yusynth or Curetronic Dual Ring Modulator
Yusynth MinMax
Yusynth Random module
Curetronic 100m 172 Phase Shifter
Curetronic 100m 150 (Ring-S&H-Noise-Clock)

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