my Filters

Curetronic VCF 121

[BUILD 2011]
This modules was build in 2011 and was my first Filter. It is a clone of the Ronald System 100 VCF 121 and has 3 VC Inputs and a Fixed Highpass.
A simple but efficient VCF.

Yusynth Fixed Filerbank

[BUILD 2012] The PCB is very large, but it is worth building.
Yusynth Fixed Filterbank
Curetronic Steiner Parker VCF
[BUILD 2011] with Feddbackloop modification.
Yusynth EMS Filter
Details here:
Yusynth MiniMoog Filter
Details here:
CGS 49 Twin CMOS Filter
[BUILD 2012]
Fonitronik J. Haible WASP Filter Clone
Details here:
Fonitronik PS3100 Triple Resonator
Detaisl here:
Thomas Henry VCF/VCA 21th century
From his 21th century book. PCB by Fonitronik.
Le Bernard Polivoks Filter

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