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Curetronic VCA

[BUILD 2013]. This VCA can be build with up to 3 Inputs and 3 CV. It can be switched between AC and DC and be used with linear or exponential behavior.
AC is for "alternating current" and is used mostly for audio signals to remove voltage offsets.
DC is for "direct current" and is mostly used for Controller Voltage (CV) cause you do not want to remove any offset behavior.

Curetronic Dual Mixer

[BUILD 2011]. Nice and simple AC and DC Mixer with inverted Output.

Yusynth J. Haible Wavefolder

[BUILD 2011] Yusynth J. Haible Wavefolder
The original circuit is from J├╝rgen Haible. This module adds nice sonic possibilities to the audio. This is the standard build. The PCB offers the possibility to add a second IN and a second CV.
It is similar to Ian Fritz Wavolver or Grant Richter's WaveWarper.

Ian Fritz 5 Pulsar

[BUILD 2017] A very nice waveformer from Ian Fritz. More details:

Yusynth Simple VCA

[BUILD 2012] Nice and simple VCA with 2 Inputs, 2 Outputs and 2 CVin ..
Details here:
Yusynth Audio/CV Mixer
Details here:
Yusynth Output-Mixer / VC-Panner
[BUILD 2012]
Details here:
Yusynth Dual Balance (Ring Modulator)
Thomas Henry 2164 VCA from the 21th century
(buy the book)
Thomas White LoPassGate c292
Details here:
CGS - Tube VCA
Matthias Beese Dual Delay
Matthias Beese Reverb Reverberation
Hexinverter batteryAcid v1

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