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Midibox Sequencer V4

The Midibox was finished in 2016. For more details on it's functions have a look at UCapps.
My Midibox Sequencer is version 4 with the Wilba panel and the STM32F4 core. I got all my PCBs from SmashTV, but since 2017 the selling of these PCB has moved to Modular-Addict.
I added 2 MidiIO to get 4 Midi INs and 4 MidiOUTs, plus another Quad IIC MidiOUT to get 4 more MidiOUTs.
I also added the Line Driver to build a CV-Gate Breakout into my modular.

I build the Wilba-Panel with round buttons and a simple Acrylic enclosure.

Midibox Breakout

This breakout was finished in 2017.
To build this I used the Line Driver and added a AOUT_NG for the 8 CV-Out and a DOUTx4 for the 8 Gates, 8 Clocks and 16 Trigger Out.
Do not build in the resistors to the DOUT, these are only to drive LEDs. The Gates will produce ~4.7 Volts which is enough for most +-15 Volt modules (most Gates can be triggered with 3V). If you want to tune it a bit you can add an LED to each Gate/Clock by simply soldering it to the Outputjack and use an corresponding resistor (220 ohm for red LEDs) on the positive pin.
If the 4.7V are not enough for the Gate, this can be amplified by using a UDN2981. Search this in the midibox forum to find more help.
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