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Curetronic ADSRT

This is the Curetronic ADSR with a Time Potentiometer. I finished this module back in 2012. It also offers an Inverted Output that can be very handy in f.e. Side-chain-compression.

Yusynth ADSR

[BUILD 2012] This is a nice and simple ADSR from Yusynth. I build 2 of these.
It has a Triggerbutton and an inverted Out (very handy for sidechain-compression).
I added the option for long/short with the toggle-switch at the frontpanel.
Yusynth ADSR
Nordcore Midi 2 CV
[BUILD 2012]
BEst and complete docs can be found here Quad Quantizer 
Thomas Henry CMOS ADSR
with blinking light and stage outputs
See more details 
Yusynth Autobend
[BUILD 2012]
Details here:
Yusynth CV Standard
Detaisl here:

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