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Curetronic Extended VCO

This VCO uses the CA3046 which is also used in the ARP Axxe. It only has Linear FM, but with the extension board adds a nice waveform mixer with inverted Output.
This module was finished 2012 and was my first VCO. In addition it has the first extension-board build by Matthias. Since march 2016 Curetronic stopped producing kits and focused on selling complete modules.
Matthias from Curetronic shaped my DIY philosophy a lot and I want to thank him for this.
It can be used as VCO or LFO and in AC and DC coupling for the Linear FM.

AC is for "alternating current" and is used mostly for audio signals to remove voltage offsets.
DC is for "direct current" and is mostly used for Controller Voltage (CV) cause you do not want to remove any offset behavior.

Thomas Henry XR2206 VCO

I have finished this module in 2014, but due to some soldering-issues it was never really a stable VCO (detuning every other minute). After a couple of troubleshootings I decided to not use it anymore and use the parts on other projects.
More details 
CGS 03 Psycho LFO
[Build 2012]

Thomas Henry 555er VCO

[BUILD 2017] Two versions of the Thomas Henry VCO 555 .... one with a 2k tempco, one with a KTY 81-121 and 1k resistor in series after a theory from Rene Schmitz. The 555er VCO is a very nice and easy build and sounds very well.
Boards are from Fonitronik.
See details on 
Thomas Henry X4046 VCO
See details on Scott Sites Site 
Thomas Henry 555er LFO
See details on 
Thomas Henry Bass++
See details on Scott Sites Site 
Curetronic Dual Shape LFO

Stroh Modular Flexwave VCO
Wiesolator E.X.O.S additive VCO
Scott Bernardi Dual Sine Suboctave
Details here:
Yusynth Random Module (Noise - S&H)
Details here:

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